From the Founder:

Visions HealthCare is the realization of a dream that I have had for years, and it brings me incredible joy to be able to share this vision with you.

I see Visions as a place where people will be able to discover their health, vitality, and passion through the education and resources that we provide. We empower people to connect with the essence of themselves in all five systems of whole-health: structural, biochemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Our main Center will be completely geared towards education, and will include an organic farm, space for children and adults to learn both on the land and in the classroom, a large kitchen where people will learn how to cook and eat, and the top practitioners in a myriad of healthcare and wellness fields.

Equally important to the education we provide will be the profound resources we offer to help people continue to bring their newfound tools to their own world and day-to-day lives. We will have 50+ satellite offices throughout New England and the Northeast as resources for healthcare and for continued wellness. Our excellent and master-level practitioners will serve both at the satellite offices and in the main Center, where they will continue to learn while also using their expertise and passion to teach the next generation of healers.

Thank you for being a part of our vision, and I look forward to building this future together.

Stay Well,
Edward Levitan, MD

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