Visions HealthCare is committed to preserving our nation’s resources as well as sustainability at all levels of your care. As a result, Visions uses a sophisticated, secure Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to minimize paper usage and paper charts. Our faxes are sent to an electronic site and are only printed when necessary; otherwise they are 100% electronic. Our paper usage is minimal, and when paper is used, it is recycled. Our confidential shredding system ensures that no patient information is inappropriately released, while also ensuring that the paper is recycled. Wherever possible, we avoid disposable medical equipment and linens. Our thermostats in both Wellesley and Dedham are on timers, to minimize waste. In addition, we only utilize cleaning materials that are derived from ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. Our Dedham facility, was specifically designed to be as efficient as possible.

Our Dedham location:

  • Uses light fixtures with sensors which will automatically shut off rooms not in use
  • Has LED bulbs, with minimal energy usage
  • Has a 1,500 gallon tank to collect rainwater and irrigate our landscaping
  • Utilizes Low/No VOC in all finishes, to minimize fumes and irritants
  • Exceeds the strictest requirements for insulation, making it extremely energy efficient

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