“Fantastic work. Staff are professional, courteous, and caring. Visions has helped me tremendously and I am so much healthier. Thanks for all you do!”
– C. O. August 2014

“Very comfortable waiting room and very friendly staff!”
– Anonymous Patient, August 2014

“This place is Amazing! The doctors come out and personally greet you and bring you to their office. They sit and really listen and try to get at the root cause of your issues. They will suggest natural supplements, not just meds. They even have the apothecary on site! I wish that there were a lot more of these type of practices!”
-TC, March 2014

“Whole health care, compassionate Doctors, alternative solutions, outside of the box thinkers while listening and checking out problems in a thorough and efficient manner. Their services cannot be beaten. The facilities are new, clean, comfortable and the support people are second to none. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.”
-FD, February 2014

“Courageous and filled with compassion. I am SO happy Dr. Levitan pursued his dream- it is benefiting my entire family- and our community as a whole!”
-BR, September 2013

“Visions providers do a great job providing my family and me with health support.”
– MW, September 2013

“I have been dealing with chronic Lyme Disease for several years and Candidiosis for two years. Another practitioner recommended Visions Health Care to me. I have been seeing Dr. Kari Emsbo and Julieane Goicoechea, a registered dietician and functional medicine/integrative medicine nutritionist at Visions. It is hard to find adequate words to describe my gratitude for the smart and compassionate care that I am receiving. Thanks to the very professional collaboration of Dr. Emsbo + Juliane Goicoechea, I am making great progress with managing the candida. Dealing with complex, chronic illness is so challenging—Dr. Emsbo and Julieane have been optimistic, thorough and highly creative in addressing my individual needs. I always know that they are “in my corner” and will help me find solutions that will improve my overall health and functioning. And it is working!! After having been on a restricted diet for more than a year, I am now beginning to eat a more well rounded diet + still keep the candida in check! My quality of life is improving exponentially!I am very grateful to the Visions Health Care team!”
– BH, July 2013

“So happy to have found Visions, a literal life saver!”
– NW, June 2013

“My 8 year old son had his first visit today at Visions. He said this doesn’t feel like a doctors office, it’s to fancy. The staff was so good to him. He was upset about getting some blood work done. There was a nurse walking by and she stopped and got right down on the ground and chatted with him until he felt better. He was given a few angry bird stickers by the ladies at the check out desk. That made his day! What a great staff. Thank you Visions Healthcare.”
– CK, June 2013

Functional Medicine Consult:

“I am deeply grateful to Dr. Chen for helping me with my health.  And with Julianne – the nutritionist.  Functional Medicine is the best possible answer.”
– Anonymous Patient, October 2013

“I was chronically sick with virus like symptoms for 2 years going to every specialist you can think of and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I was referred to Visions and found out through food allergy testing I have a dairy and gluten sensitivity with candida. I’ve been off gluten for 3 months and feel like a new person. Thanks Noelle Lee for all your help.”
– LO, September 2013

“I would not be exaggerating to say that Dr. Pegels has changed my life for the better.  I have lived with a number of symptoms for 10+ years that previous doctors ignored or attributed to being “age related”. After one visit, she pointed me in the right direction and told me things that no doctor has told me before.  I am taking GI Revive, a good probiotic, and a liquid Omega-3 (amongst other supplements) and I already feel so much better.  I look forward to a long and happy association with Visions HealthCare.”
– SC, September 2013

“Though I have only had one visit with Dr. Trubow- it is true that changes to medical care are stressful and I appreciate the thoughtful acknowledgement of that. I also wanted you to know how deeply touched I was at our one visit- the caring compassionate acknowledgement that well intentioned medicine had created ill heath for me, still warms me each time I think of it! Thank you.To know that you are part of my wellness foundation (no matter how little I see you) is tremendously supportive!”- EW, July 2013

“I’m Alex Bingham’s patient of perhaps 5 years now, and Visions has become a wonderful part of my life. It took me many years to become as unwell as I was when I met Dr. Levitan and Dr. Bingham. But since, I’ve made steady progress towards healing- no easy feat when aging at the same time.”
– PW, February 2012

“Best healthcare experience I’ve ever had. And I’m a home nurse!”
– DJ May 2013

“I have been suffering from chronic sinus issues and allergies for most of my adult life. I have tried more traditional approaches such as allergy shots and medications, nasal sprays, etc. without success. I made an appointment at Visions Health Care in Dedham, MA at the recommendation of a friend who had a very positive experience at the Wellesley facility. I have seen Dr. Richard Chen twice in the past 2 months. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Chen. He is very personable, thorough, and most helpful in educating me and guiding me in my process of managing my health. Dr. Chen’s initial assessment was very comprehensive, addressing physical symptoms, lifestyle, psycho-social history, habits, and general health and well being. I feel that Dr. Chen is looking at me as an individual, addressing my issues as they relate specifically to me. He has spent a great deal of time explaining everything in detail. I have never felt rushed, and feel that he takes the necessary time during our visits.Although my insurance does not cover some of the medical tests, or the suggested/prescribed supplements, it has been well worth the money. I am learning a lot about allergies, food intolerance, and general health issues, and am able to be more proactive about my health management.For someone who is looking for a somewhat less traditional, more holistic approach to managing allergies and related health issues, I would highly recommend Dr. Chen.”
– DD, April 2013

“I was extremely pleased. I arrived a bit early, but the doctor came out right after I sat in the waiting room. He listened to each issue I was visiting for, and asked about other things like overall health, stress level at work and in general and other factors that could cause the symptoms. He explained what he believed the root causes were and suggested a bit more testing along with some dietary supplements based on blood work previously done. There are a couple things that really impressed me: he treated each issue separately, yet took a holistic view of my overall health and how that led to some of the issues. Second, he talked to me about each diagnosis and overall health, and gave me options on both treatments and some life style changes that would improve my condition. It was a meaningful discussion as opposed to a quick diagnosis and a prescription for some pills. He clearly was trying to help me be more healthy and overcome the issues I came in to discuss.”
– DM, April 2013

“I never really loved my PCP until I came to Visions. My doctor (Dr. Byrne) is not snooty or jaded as some docs seem to be, she doesn’t even wear a fancy white lab coat. I asked her a question that she didn’t know the answer to and started looking through her books. I may only see my doctor once or twice a year, but I actually enjoy going and I feel she takes a genuine interest in my life and health. Their Wellesley location may be a little worn around the edges, but they provide top-notch care. The new Dedham location is fabulous, doesn’t really feel like a doctor’s office, more like a design firm! I like that there are so many specialists and interests in one central place and that many of them are into homeopathy or naturopathic remedies before being quick to prescribe drugs. I would recommend this to my closest friends and family.”
– KD, March 2013

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Trubow’s for over five years. Ever since I became her patient I have always felt as though I had a partner in the management of my health. What sets her aside from most doctors is she really listened to my concerns and offered a different approach to address my digestive issues as compared with other doctors who wanted to prescribe a pill or told me everyone deals with these types of problems. It was Dr. Trubow who recommended a series of blood testing for any allergies which may be have been causing the G.I. distress. Low and behold I found out I had candida and gluten and dairy sensitivities as well as hypothyroidism – all related in some way. A carefully thought out plan included nutritional counseling with Julie Freeman and put me on the path to totally change my life forever. I lost 20 lbs., gained back my energy and pushed myself to athletic achievements I had only dreamed of. I ran my first marathon in October 2012. Today, I feel and look better than I ever have. It was Dr. Trubow’s persistence in finding out the cause and her treatment plan which gave me my life and then some back. For that I am truly grateful. Thank you, Dr. Trubow.”
– LP, February 2013

“My daughter (age 7 now) had a history of frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) for over a year. Her pediatrician continually prescribed her antibiotic after antibiotic. After each treatment, she kept getting UTIs. It is so heartwrenching as a parent to see your child in pain and not be able to do anything. Finally a friend of mine referred me to Dr. Edward Levitan. I was able to make an appointment fairly quickly considering he was in the midst of opening up his new practice at a new location. Anyway, at that time she had another UTI and my daughter’s pediatrician recommended another dosage of antibiotics. I got so frustrated with them not looking more into the reasons why she would continually have a UTI. We even went to a specialist/urologist at Children’s Hospital, but it wasn’t until we came to Dr. Levitan that my daughter was cured. Thank you Dr. Levitan and the friendly staff at Visions (especially Susan) for your help! Each visit here has been a pleasant experience and now my daughter is healthy. God bless!”
– AE


“For years I suffered intermittently with TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) on both sides or left or right. No treatment helped either from a dentist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist whom I sought over the years. While finishing up on my first session with the acupuncturist at VMC, he said, ‘You have TMJ on your left side, don’t you?’ Astounded, I replied, ‘Yes, I do. How do you know?’ He then explained that it came from a muscle group in my shoulder region. He treated the area that day and within five days, my TMJ was 95% gone. By the second week’s treatment, my TMJ was completely gone – for the first time in many years! I am greatly relieved.”

Allergy Treatment:

“Your allergy program has been a lifesaver for me! It’s completely changed my quality of life!”
– BR, September 2013


“I came to Andraly with numerous medical issues including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and various other autoimmune conditions. I am at the point now where I have seen so much progress, I had to write to let you know that I am astounded by the level of care I am experiencing and how well my condition is improving.”
– PM, August 2014

Chiropractic Care:

“I injured my shoulder in August, 2012. Neither time nor rest were helping, so I moved onto anti-inflammatories, physical therapy and 2 cortisone shots; one fluoroscopically-guided. None of these approaches helped. For some, the therapy and cortisone shots, just made the inflammation worse. After more than a year of this, I found my way to Dr. Roseen, who found scar tissue throughout the shoulder area. He used the Graston® technique and A.R.T. to break up the scar tissue over a four month period. Little by little, I was able to resume normal activity with the injured arm, then moved on to strengthening it. I do believe that if I had not found Dr. Roseen, I would still be stuck in the inflammation cycle. With the scar tissue broken up and the area re-healed, I am able to exercise again without the constant burning. Thank you, Dr. Roseen!”
-JK, December 2013

“Thanks to the graston® technique I was able to heal from a foot injury that I had for months. Eric Roseen’s treatment using graston® helped me get back to running.”
– LF June 2013

“Excellent Dedham facility. Dr. Roseen is a wonderful chiropractor. Would recommend to everyone. Definitely well worth trip.”
– Groupon Customer June 2013

Energy Healing:

“I was a skeptic before I began seeing Patricia, but significant health issues made me desperate for any help and I gave it a chance. After the first session, I was hooked. Patricia has an uncanny ability to see beyond my words and into my heart and even my soul. She encourages me to bring my best self into everyday living, to stay in the moment, to let go of the things that do not serve me and my healing. I can’t explain how or why the energy healing works – but it does. I have never felt so relaxed or at peace as I do during a session. Participating has been one of the most extraordinary and important things I have done in my life. I truly see the world and myself through new, healthier eyes. It is a process, but we are making progress, as Patricia would say, little by little. My husband, family and friends all see noticeable differences in me since I began and I look forward to my sessions every time I go.”
– HM

“Energy Healing allowed me to access places in my heart and body that I had closed down over many years, resulting in physical and emotional pain. This healing helped me to reach the stressors that I had held onto in my body, but not in my mind, so that traditional psycho-therapeutic treatment could not access it. Through energy work I have found a deeper capacity for knowing and accepting myself and my life, and the tools to grow into a more authentic person, and cope with what comes my way with enthusiasm, joy and compassion. I now live pain-free from the physical ailments that were originally diagnosed as arthritis.”

“The healing has brought profound changes in my sense of self. It has allowed me to integrate challenges in a positive and enriching manner. It has provided great clarity during times of overwhelm and confusion. I truly feel as though it has set me on a more of a guided path in my life. It supports my general well-being and gives plenty of room for growth.”
– EK

“I am more relaxed and accepting to what I cannot control.”
– JC

“Improved sleep, more in tune, more in touch with my world generally – help develop awareness of over reacting – softened my response to difficult issues.”
– DF

Stress Reduction Program:

“This course affected me in a very positive way. I used to put myself last and now I understand that I need to take care of myself first to be better with others.”
– CK, June 2014

“The retreat was amazing, especially the love meditation, which I found extremely moving.”
– CK, June 2014

“I would absolutely recommend this program. I want others to experience what I’ve had a taste of.”
–CM, June 2014

“It affected me by getting to focus on my breathe and clearing my mind. I used to really thrive and rely on the “intensity of the day” to get thru my to-do list, I am learning that there is a much better way.”
–CM, June 2014

“The lectures were insightful, able to apply to everyday life”
–SD, March 2014

“I would absolutely recommend this program. Everyone can benefit from this and get much more from their lives.”
–AL, March 2014

“I have already recommended this to my friends and family. It’s a lot of work but the end result is worth it. I’m so much more aware of what and why I do things.”
–GA, March 2014

“I recommend this to anyone with chronic pain or stress. It helps improve self-awareness.”
–CH, March 2014

“I would recommend this program for anyone, it is very useful and very informative. Lots of new insights. Anyone could benefit from it.”
-CM, December 2013

“I’m trying to jump start daily meditation and living more presently to reduce stress. This program is a great immersion into a mindfulness practice. ”
-AML, December 2013

“The MBSR program was the key to my improved health. I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in March 2010. Although I began a program of exercise and good nutrition, nothing I did made any difference in my weight or my blood sugar. I enrolled in MBSR in September 2012 and began to see a change. Through my daily meditation practice, I am calmer, much less stressed, and better able to focus on getting well. I started a weight loss program in June and, so far, have lost 34 pounds. My blood sugar is in the normal range and I am off of all four of the Diabetes medications that I had been taking. The meditation techniques I learned continue to help me improve my health.”
– IG, September 2013

“Loved how you structured the program, no cross-call, how you responded to peoples questions. You walk the talk of presence and mindfulness. Thank You.”
– Chris, August 2013

“Very mind opening, wise, felt that I grew significantly.”
– SZT, August 2013

“Warm, knowledgeable, revealing. Her enthusiasm for the material and process is contagious.”
– MR, August 2013

“Excellent teacher. Very knowledgeable. Clear communicator, very clear boundaries. I appreciated the directed one on one with the teacher and not having to participate in the community experience of the group.”
– SZT, August 2013

“It’s not a magic cure, but it’s such an adventure to get familiar with a part of me that I’ve been neglecting.”
– MR, August 2013

“Loved the class – can’t say enough good things about Patricia and how she delivered it.”
-CV August 2013

“I am more mindful of how I am feeling, what I am doing – even how I am holding my body or how my body feels. When I don’t practice, I feel it. I liked the theme discussions. I have already recommended the program to a friend. I recommended it because I have learned to be more mindful of the moment instead of looking ahead or looking back – I think my friend could benefit from this as well.”
-KF, March 2013

“The program helped me to slow down, become less stressed/anxious, more calm, trust my intuition more. Positive benefits can be achieved in a relatively short time. Patricia was responsive to everyone, approachable, thoughtful, extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter.”
– KH, March 2013

“It was truly a life changing experience for me! I learned the influence of valuing the self-healing I needed. It opened my mind and soul to pursue a creative new future.”
-JS, June 2013

“I took the course in 2011, and it was transformative. I was craving the structure, the companionship, time for me, and continuing insight. I feel more present, even, and happy.”
-Jen, June 2013

“Patricia’s teaching style is very understandable – I found her demeanor to be approachable, warm and compassionate. I enjoyed the program very much. I found the class discussions interesting and informative and I really feel that I will use the knowledge and skills I learned here in my daily life.”
– Nancy L.

Yoga Therapy:

“I feel like I have planted the roots of a growing practice… I feel more joyful and find it easier to relax.”
-CL, November 2013

“Alaine’s goal was to introduce us to different aspects of yoga so that we could choose the parts of different practices that were most helpful to us.”
-CL, November 2013

“Easy introduction to exercise”
– RS, November 2013

“There is a decrease in frequency and intensity of pain in those [specific] areas.  I’ve also noticed that my body is recovering faster from painful episodes. … I’ve had some significant and profound changes in 8 weeks.”
–CB, November 2013

“The best part of this course was the atmosphere created by Alaine from the beginning: the calmness, always prepared, organized, and ready to instruct and make adaptations based on the physical needs of the group.  The instruction was always gentle, attentive, and professional.”
– JC, November 2013