Visions for Health, Episode 26: Gastrointestinal Health

Host Dr. Wendie Trubow interviews guest Beverly Wedda, MD, on a functional medicine approach to Gut Health. She explains the 5 R’s model for healing people starting with the gut.

To inquire about an individual appointment with Dr. Wedda, please call (781)-431-1333.

Enjoy the Journey

“Life is a fast train through peaks and valleys
Streets and alleys and countryside
You never know just how far you’re going
The trick is to learn to enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride
This train thunders on with no end in sight
The trick is to learn to enjoy the ride.”
(lyrics from Enjoy the Ride, by concert performer and professional speaker Jana Stanfield)

I strive to embrace and live by the philosophy of approaching my life as that of a journey, appreciating the unique gifts and opportunities each and every present moment offers.  And while I definitely do create goals and targets for myself, I also have learned to remain open and accepting of the fact that “life is what happens while we’re making plans”, and thus that my journey may take me down unanticipated and unplanned paths.

My professional career thus far has been an interesting mix of both goals achieved, and unforeseen paths taken, making it a richer and more fulfilling experience than I could ever have imagined.  It began with my initial training in Family Medicine, which then expanded when I was first introduced to Holistic and Integrative Medicine, which then led to my discovery of the paradigm of Functional Medicine. Within this paradigm I am currently finding ample opportunity to continue to grow and expand my clinical toolbox and skills, with a professional goal to be better equipped to serve those I have the opportunity to serve, and with the personal experience of finding greater joy and satisfaction while doing so.

It is with this backdrop that I now find myself at the point in my journey ready to join the Visions HealthCare team.  This professional decision for me makes both head-sense and heart-sense.  I still clearly recall the first time I heard the founder speak of his vision for Visions.  I experienced the excitement of having the inner knowing that there was, and is, an alignment between my personal vision for what healthcare has the potential to be, and the founder’s vision for Visions.  It is with this continued excitement that I eagerly, yet patiently, await the moment when I will join alongside the many skilled and dedicated members of Visions HealthCare.

“The future is a mystery
The past is history
Today is a gift
That’s why it is called the present”

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