Lead, Follow, or Get Dragged

I love to muse over the saying, “The only constant is change”.

Whether we are feeling despair over a loss or a disappointment, or exuberantly enjoying a perfect moment…we know, this too shall pass. The only constant is change. I find this truth to sometimes feel disturbing and at other times, it is a comfort. But finding it anything is merely a resistance to a core truth about life. It is what it is.

It helps to accept that Life is fluid; our experience is not the same from moment to moment, nor from day to day. We need to let go of attachment, of holding on, and instead, deliberately trust, and participate in, what is coming next, trusting it to be better than what came before.
How can we make transitions feel easier to negotiate? How can we stay centered and allowing of change? How can we live in trust that all is and will be well?

Here’s another truth about Life. Life inherently wants for our happiness, our health, our healing, our joy. And, as Co-creators in life, we have a say about what happens.

We steer our path when we appreciate the wonder all around us, the incredible beauty, and intentionally speak of our appreciation and Gratitude for it all. This sends out an intention to the universe asking to bring more of the positive.

Our thoughts are powerful. We can effect what comes next by deliberately paying attention to, and changing our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.
I tell my patients to develop a Gratitude practice…3 minutes at the start and end of each day…everything we can think of to feel grateful for…my dogs, children, friends, my bed, the blast of the shower, the lilacs blooming this week, all of the simple abundances in our lives. Appreciation brings more to appreciate.

We can decide to live in joy, to “en-joy”.

We can maintain a daily spiritual practice. This builds a foundation of love, acceptance and perspective….and, ever the doctor here, it calms our cortisol.

Remember that from the void of the great Unknown comes all things. And change is the agent to bring forth more of what is meant for us to grow and to have full lives. As we let go of the past, and of the present as it becomes the past, we can walk into this great Unfolding with trust that there is always more good, more joy, more love waiting for us.

-Margaret Gold, MD

Giving Thanks

There’s this stretch of land I see every morning on my way to work.

The Light streams through the trees.

The leaves have all fallen.

Even the oak leaves, the most resilient, the last to let go.

Hangers-on flutter at the edges of the branches.

I wonder what hangs on like those oak leaves.

What’s the last to let go in me?

Give thanks for what has come.

Give thanks for what we have been given.

Give thanks for the start of a new year.

Let go to what no longer serves.

Here, at the end of a cycle, celebrate the harvest of this year.

Give thanks for each day that we are here.

There’s a lesson in each one.

Traffic Spirituality

Before coming to Boston, I lived in the country, lucky to have more than gravel underfoot, for ten years. Before I moved, I wondered Ooh, what about those crazy drivers?

What about the traffic and the commute? Is it going to be just more time wasted away from home? And how do I make it into something valuable and perhaps even pleasurable? Is that even possible?

First, I must say that I think Boston drivers are the finest in the land, bold, forthright, “lead, follow or get out of the way” types.  There’s a rhythm to driving here no one tells you about; you just learn to step into it.

For me, driving across the city twice daily as I do has become a deliberate act of allowing. I allow a driver, any driver, to cut me off, to want to be ahead, to get impatient behind me, and I choose not to take it personally.  I might say to myself, “Really? Really?” but I choose to allow it instead of resist it.

I was stuck on the highway in traffic, stopped without any movement, for twenty minutes last Thursday afternoon.

I turned off my car.

I watched a helicopter land and take off again and I prayed for the souls involved.

I looked at the trees on the side of the road.

I prayed for the strangers all around me.

I wondered where we were all going in our lives.

Next time you are ready to cut someone’s head off for speeding in front of you, making a u-turn from the right lane, or dawdling at the rotary (that one does get me), take a moment to treat your own stress level. Breathe deeply, bring yourself to the present moment, and say a prayer of thanks instead.

Make it an opportunity in your day to lower your stress, and challenge what keeps you from experiencing Peace.

By the way, now that I’m here? No more sun breaking the mist over country roads, no more rutting deer somersaulting over my windshield, which is traffic in a whole other way—sparing me to be here with you.

Visions Welcomes Margaret Gold, MD!

Please join us as we welcome Dr. Margaret Gold into the practice!  Dr. Gold is a highly talented physician, with training in a broad range of subjects, and we are delighted to have her on board!  Dr. Gold will begin seeing patients at the end of September and will be accepting new primary care patients.  You may find her full biography on our practitioners page if you are interested in finding out more about her.  If you would like to schedule an appointment please call our main line at 781-431-1333.

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