Visions For Health, Episode 24: Osteopathy

Host Dr. Wendie Trubow interviews guest Noelle Lee, DO, on her practice of Osteopathy.

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Health: What it is or what it isn’t?

“It is the object of a physician to find health. Anyone can find disease.”

                                      – Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, founder of Osteopathy.

It’s so easy to look at a person and see what’s wrong with them.  Our minds seem to drift in that direction automatically. But what’s right with you?  Have you ever asked this question?  Even the most critically ill patient still has to have quite a bit more right than wrong to maintain life.  Hearts beat, lungs exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide, cells take in nutrients and expel waste products.  Our nervous system regulates a mind-boggling number of bodily functions that keep our bodies from tumbling into chaos on a second by second basis.

No matter how ill you are or feel, there is still a part of you that is whole and perfect and perpetually striving for Health.  For some of us this kernel of our divinity is buried deeper than others.  Physical illness, emotional stressors, injuries and trauma of all kinds push and pull and tug us away from Health, and our Health does the best it can to adjust and compensate at any given moment.  We are always doing the best we can.  Some days the compensation is more functional than others, but let’s be gentle with ourselves and assume it’s our best.

So what does this mean in terms of Osteopathic treatment?  I again return to the wise words of Dr. Still:

“Remove all obstructions, and when it is intelligently done, Nature will kindly do the rest.”

Even in Allopathic medicine, we rely heavily on the body’s ability to respond and bounce back in our treatments.  No antibiotic would ever work if the immune system was not also working to fight disease from the inside out.  The antibiotics just knock back the infection to the point that the body can manage the rest.  Osteopathic manipulation helps this process in a number of ways. One of the main ones is that by changing the structure of the body through manipulating bones, muscles, joints and fascia, we change the circulation to and from diseased parts.  This enables the body to maximize nutrient and immune cell delivery to an area, and drainage of waste products away.  As a mentor of mine used to say, “Well that cell is sitting in its own mess, and we need to go in and change that cell’s diaper.”

Osteopaths use a wide range of techniques to help you access your own Health (yes, with a capital H) and well-being.  For more info check out these websites: and

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thank you to my new patients and the Visions staff for such a warm welcome. I am excited to be joining Visions and look forward to building my practice with such like minded professionals and a team of caring individuals.

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