Visions For Health, Episode 10: Mindfulness

Visions For Health Talk Show – Host Dr. Wendie Trubow speaks with Patricia Howard.

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Mindful Nourishment

What does nourishment mean to you? You might think of a warm bowl of soup on a Winter’s day, the company of a good friend, creating outlets in your life for your creative expression or a walk in nature; something that might satisfy deeper needs within you.

Often times in our lives we can use food to dull the cravings and longings inside of us. Usually, by using sugar or carbs, we drown out what we are truly hungry for, and let the quick-fix leave us full, but fatigued and carrying the permanent reminder of our impulse – excess weight.

As humans, it is important to attend to and distinguish the needs that we have–be they physical, emotional, cognitive or spiritual. If our physical bodies are not getting what they need, our emotional reactions will be more intense, as they will be fueled by our body’s own fear for survival. Once we learn to take care of our physical needs, we can then create the clarity within us to continue the journey to look at other aspects of our lives.

The practice of Mindfulness gives us the tools we need in order to be present with our own experiences. We learn to be with sensations in our body, learning that they are temporary. Even the intensity of our cravings will pass. It is also possible to see the habits we have developed over time. When we learn to treat ourselves with kindness and acceptance we bring into our lives a wiser aspect of ourselves that is able to witness our reactions yet not feed into them.

On an energetic level, those of us who tend to carry extra weight may have indistinct personal boundaries and will find it easier to tune into other people’s needs than our own, so Mindful nourishment is a practice of coming home to ourselves. Another self-sabotaging habit we may have developed is a very strong self critic – in which we can be very controlling and demanding of ourselves and disconnect from our true feelings. Again, over time, with acceptance, understanding and nourishment we can learn to say “hello my critic”. In this way we are not so affected by it and over time, with practice, this energy in us will dissipate.

Julie Freeman and I will be teaching a class on Mindful Nourishment. Julie brings much expertise on the nutrition side and great guidelines to give you a concrete set of tools that include grocery lists and foods that each meal should include. My background is in energy healing and mindfulness and I will be supporting you in understanding where your habits come from and how to make use of the practice of mindfulness to access the parts in you that are already truly delicious and fully satiated.

For details and registration, please speak to Stephanie via or (781) 431-1333 x 131.

How I Will Support Your Health…

Illness/ Disease can be seen as the great awakener. Expanding our understanding of health beyond the physical body to include the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies allows people to become very active participants on their road to wellness. I support people in two ways, providing energy healing techniques that address these broader aspects of our being and also educating people on how they habitually block their energy, mostly from past experiences of pain. I can provide new skills to develop a stronger, more flexible sense of self on these energetic levels. This in turn creates an opportunity for health on all aspects of life – personal vitality, more authentic relationships, fulfilling careers and spiritual maturity.

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