Functional Med Consult

A Functional Medicine Consult is a one hour consultation performed by one of our Board Certified physicians. During this consultation, your physician will learn about your life and history. Typically during this hour, it is possible for the consulting physician to determine the most effective areas of your health to focus on in order to improve your health and vitality. We say that there are five core areas of health; physical, biochemical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. An imbalance within any one of these areas can cause imbalance within the others. Our physicians are expert at diagnosis, and use a wide range of cutting-edge tools to assist them.

After a Functional Medicine consultation, your physician may recommend laboratory work, urine, stool or saliva testing, or allergy testing. Each of these tests is designed to give our physicians information about what is happening in your body so that we can improve your health.

We typically recommend that you return for follow up approximately six weeks after your initial visit. This allows for the time required to perform these tests, and the results to be returned to your physician so that you can review them together.

Our facility is also able to perform standard laboratory testing, too, which your consulting physician may order if appropriate. Due to the complex nature of many of the tests performed, we review these lab results with you in person so that we can discuss them with you directly, and make appropriate referrals and adjustments to your plan of care.

If you request it, our consulting physicians are able to work in partnership with your primary care physician, and are happy to send consultation letters so that your primary care physician has your results, too.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about a Functional Medicine Consult, please call 781-431-1333.

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