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At Visions HealthCare, our primary goal is your vibrant health. Our physicians use a variety of tools to attain that goal. Using Functional Medicine, our physicians approach caring for you as an entity, rather than a disconnected collection of symptoms or ailments. Our evaluation includes conventional evaluation such as a complete blood count, when necessary, but also evaluates the integrity of the intestinal lining, without invasive testing. Our physicians are able to evaluate you for both seasonal allergies as well as those caused by foods. Our goal is to identify and treat the root cause of whatever imbalance is causing your symptoms. Once that is accomplished, the symptoms will usually resolve completely.

All of our physician members are Board Certified in their respective specialties. In addition, all of our physicians have attended seminars at The Institute for Functional Medicine and participate in ongoing training in order to provide the most up to date evaluations.

Our current specialties include: Primary Care, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Gynecology,Osteopathy, Palliative Care & Sports Medicine.

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