The medical specialty of gynecology takes its name from the Greek word gynaika, meaning “woman.” Taken literally, the word means “the science of women.”

Women must make critical — and sometimes life-changing — decisions over the course of their lives about their health and how to manage it. From regular checkups to birth control and pregnancy, straight through menopause, women need the knowledge, support and advice that only a trained gynecologist can offer.

Are you Looking for an Experienced, Trusted Gynecologist?
At Visions, our Women’s Health Department is anchored by the practice of Gynecological and Functional Medicine. As the name suggests, the scope of this practice goes well beyond what many patients have come to expect from their gynecologic care. It is a patient-centered approach that focuses on helping women to achieve health and balance by addressing the issues, both medical and otherwise, that impede the realization of their full vitality and health.

Visions’ Board Certified Gynecologists, work with women from teenage to adult to achieve each woman’s best health and wellness.

Take the next step in your feminine health care plan. To schedule a gynecological appointment with Visions HealthCare, call 781-431-1333.

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