Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative psychiatry at Visions HealthCare offers you a unique opportunity to be treated with a comprehensive physiological and psychosocial approach to mental health. This approach allows our providers to attend to all aspects of you and recommend treatment modalities according to your individual needs and preferences. Nutritional supplements, herbals, acupuncture, bodywork and spiritual work are a few of the services that may be combined with conventional care to uncover your body’s natural balance.

In addition, the integrative psychiatry team at Visions uses a Functional Medicine approach towards psychiatric imbalances. Our goal is to evaluate and treat the root-cause of each psychiatric imbalance. This combination of approaches provides an opportunity to generate lasting improvements.  We strive to find long-term resolutions of mental and behavioral health concerns rather than temporarily suppressing symptoms.

The integrative psychiatry team uses evidence-based scientific testing and treatment techniques to fully evaluate your needs then design a treatment plan specific to you. The goal of each treatment plan is to honor your unique chemical, emotional and physical make-up for effective relief.

At Visions, the focus and emphasis is on the body’s innate ability to heal itself. We believe that despite symptoms of an underlying imbalance it is possible to determine the root cause and support the body and mind back into balance.

As a valued patient, you can expect sincere support, comprehensive evaluation, personalized treatment and lasting results. More information can be found on our Psychiatry FAQs page.

Our current mental health providers include:

Achina Stein, DO – Board-Certified Psychiatrist
Marsha Klein, LMHC – Licensed Mental Health Clinician
David A. Danforth, Ph.D. – Clinical Health Psychologist 

To schedule an appointment with any of our mental health providers, call us at 781-431-1333.

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