Primary Care

Primary Care is the name given to the broad range of health services delivered by a provider who acts as the principal point of consultation for a patient.

A primary care provider (PCP) will see a patient for regular checkups and exams, as well as for acute problems. They make specialty referrals as necessary and function as the “hub” of a patient’s health care experience. At Visions, several of our family medicine physicians, internists, and nurse practitioners also serve as primary care providers to their patients. Each of them also practices Functional Medicine.

Choosing the Best Primary Care Provider for You
The best time to choose a PCP is well you are feeling well. If you wait until you’re sick or in need of medical assistance, you may make a quick decision to work with someone who is not the right fit for you. Remember, your PCP is the person with whom you should be comfortable talking about your general health and lifestyle. He or she is the “go-to” person you’re authorizing to keep you healthy.

Please view the individual provider biographies. To learn more about the Visions HealthCare Primary Care Providers, please call 781-431-1333 to schedule a consultation.

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