Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy (PT)?
Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on the treatment of sports-related or other injuries that can be painful or debilitating if left untreated. While Physical Therapy is often prescribed for post-surgical rehabilitation, a program that is well designed and conscientiously followed may help patients to avoid surgery entirely.

Who Are Typical Candidates for Physical Therapy?
There are numerous scenarios that may call for physical therapy. Here are some of the most common:

  • Athletes seeking to recover from or prevent an injury
  • Accident victims (car accident, work-related injury, slip-and-falls)
  • Pregnant women experiencing back pain or muscle strains
  • Patients who need to regain strength and balance following surgery

Is Physical Therapy Right for Me?
If you are in pain or limited in movement due to an injury, call us for a consultation. If you have recently had surgery and your doctor recommended PT, give us a call to set up an appointment. We create customized treatment programs that are specific to your injury. Our techniques diminish pain while restoring your strength and mobility.

What is the Role of the Physical Therapist?
Your Physical Therapist works with you by recommending a combination of exercise and manual procedures to restore lost functionality and reduce or eliminate pain. Our Registered Physical Therapist, Lauri Sawyer, RPT, has over 20 years’ experience in the field. Combining treatments in the office with customized at-home exercise plans, Physical Therapy at Visions can help you recover from the injuries you have and help keep them from re-occurring.

Call Visions HealthCare at 781-431-1333 for a consultation to learn how Physical Therapy can transform your health.

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