Prolotherapy, or PROLiferation therapy, aims to treat musculoskeletal pain, including sports injuries, chronic tendonitis, chronic ligament injuries and some types of back pain. While similar therapy has thought to exist since Roman times, modern prolotherapy came into practice during the 1950s. The basic tenet of prolotherapy is intentional irritation of the affected area, coaxing the body to repair itself.

How Is Prolotherapy Administered?
The treatment, administered by Judy Brasier, D.O., involves an injection of solution into the area where the affected tendon or ligament attaches to bone, causing inflammation and increased blood flow. This stimulates the growth, or proliferation, of new, healthy tissue. Prolotherapy triggers the body’s own healing response.

Why Choose Prolotherapy Over Other Treatments?
Everyone heals at different speeds, so some patients may require more treatments than others. However, unlike surgery, prolotherapy does not require extended downtime. In fact, movement is encouraged after treatment, allowing you to continue work and sports training while you heal.

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