Energy & Spirituality

At Visions HealthCare, our approach to health includes the energy of the body as well as its spiritual roots.

From Inner to Outer and Outer to Inner

Some experts maintain that all disease states begin within—in the human spirit. At Visions HealthCare, we acknowledge that the essence of a person, and the purpose of each life make a difference to our experience of health. Certainly a spiritual problem can manifest a physical symptom. Through the practice of Spiritual Alignment, our practitioner addresses the highly individualized spiritual needs that contribute to radiant health.

Every one of us has walked into a room and felt uncomfortable at one time or another. What we’re sensing outside us in a case like that is energy. Energy emanates from the physiology of the body, and from interactions among people. Like the body, energy can become stuck or painful. Our energy practitioners are skilled in the recognition of energy blocks as well as techniques to clear energy gently and effectively.

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