Reiki is a healing practice developed by a Japanese Buddhist in the early 1900s. The word “reiki,” pronounced RAY-key, means cosmic or universal life force. Reiki practitioners believe that when the energy of the life force is low or out of balance, we are more susceptible to illness or stress. Through hands-on healing, they seek to transfer this universal energy back into the patient, which promotes self-healing and harmony of the mind, body and spirit.

Complementary to other forms of medical treatment, Reiki can relieve pain and shorten healing time, reduce negative side effects, reduce stress, clear toxins, strengthen the immune system and promote feelings of optimism. Treatment has been described as a warm, comforting radiance. The Reiki practiced by Dr. Meena Kumar or Linda Cleary, PA-C at Visions uses gentle touch, to balance the energy in your body and thereby creating healing.

If  you are seeking a return to balance, call Visions HealthCare at 781-431-1333 to set up an appointment.

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