Spiritual Alignment

Spiritual Alignment sessions are designed to handle the spiritual aspects of wellness. To achieve true health and wholeness, it is necessary to address the physical, chemical, emotional, energetic and spiritual needs of your body. These aspects of well-being are linked together to allow patients to overcome specific disease, or, more broadly, to attain better overall health.

How Do Spiritual Alignment Sessions Work?
Each two-hour session is highly customized to provide you with precisely what you need to reach higher levels of healing. You will be able to discover patterns and underlying questions that will empower you to create change and further your journey towards wellness.

What Results Can I Expect?
With Spiritual Alignment sessions, you will achieve a quantum change in the health of your spirit and create a plan in order to learn what you need to know in this moment to move forward. By setting the highest standard for spiritual healing and results, Susan Corso, our Doctor of Divinity, ensures that you have the knowledge and the support to follow through with the details, and to truly transform yourself on a spiritual level so as to inspire global improvement in your life.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Susan Corso, please call Visions HealthCare at 781-431-1333.

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