Stress Reduction

We all encounter stress in our lives, but we don’t always have the ability to let go of it. Over time, increased stress can manifest itself in the body. Stressful situations may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, depression and more. Effective stress management is a cornerstone for the foundation of healing.

Getting to the Root of Stress
While developing your health plan with our practitioners here at Visions HealthCare, your stress levels and ways to reduce the stress will be addressed and will be a source of focus in your treatment. We have programs and services that will train you to identify and effectively manage your stress. A significant portion of our program includes learning to curtail the amount of stress that continues to build up in your life, affecting your overall health. By recognizing the stress, identifying its triggers and realizing you are in control of it, you will establish the basis for managing it.

To learn more about our stress management and reduction programs, call Visions HealthCare at 781-431-1333. View our calendar to see our ongoing programs.

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